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 Post subject: Version v.3.00 released.
PostPosted: November 23rd, 2017, 11:01 am 
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Version 3.00 released.

Open (or wait a bit) 2.39 (or older) and press "Yes" when asked about the update to open the update page with all updating information.

  • Added new ReCaptcha support via Anti-Captcha, DeathByCaptcha, RipCaptcha services.
  • Added automatic flag detection based on language. Setting in "Main settings" -> "Flags". Disabled by default. When enabled uses 75MB more RAM.
  • Added edit option from messages preview window.
  • Added special keyword "NOT" support when searching inside message text.
  • Added special search and filter keyword "OR". Must written all uppercase. For example text1 OR text2, will filter everything what matches text1 or text2.
  • Added support to leech IMDB from title and year when message does not have IMDB links inside. In that case message must have <imdbInfo> element where to insert the info (can be added with replacements). The subject of the message must start with title and year (dots, underscore, braces does not matter).
  • Improved to remember main tables sorting order if it was changed by clicking on column.
  • Updated main internal component which should give better performance and better memory management.
  • Fixed SSL (https) problems.
  • Fixed youtube URL leeching when getting IMDB information.
  • Fixed image sizes in preview window.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.

Important information

  • Updating to new version is exactly the same as in all previous versions. Just copy paste "user" folder (more information in update page if doing this the first time).
  • License keys don't change and are the same. There is literally nothing new in updating process.

  • From new version pricing changes.
    • 3$ per month (or 30$ per year). Extended for all thema programs which you use (themaPoster, themaManager, themaLeecher, themaRegister).
  • The price for new license stays the same 30$ which will get you a new license key and expiration date will be set for one year in the future (one year of free usage).
  • You can extend for as many months as you want at once.
  • For now you can continue to use old version if you wish without new monthly pricing, but you won't get any fixes, improvements, new features and support (since all fixes will be made in new versions).
  • I still might make updates for old version in the future.
  • If you bought the program in 2017 the expiration date for the license key is set to "date bought" + 1 year. For example bought on 2017-06-21, the expiration date is now 2018-06-21.
  • If you have more than one license of the same program (themaPoster for example) it's 3$ for sets of programs.
  • The expiration date for all other license keys is set to 2018-01-10 (only affects new version).

  • If you have ever donated email me to mentioning transaction details (email, transaction id, or purse number), your license keys with program names and I will extend your expiration date rounding in your favor.

License information in the program
  • There is new menu under "Help" -> "License" where you can see the license information and copy the license key fast when needed.
  • At the bottom there is new number (which means days the license is valid for) and two buttons: first one just opens the same "Help"->"License" window. Second - opens page in browser with extending information.
  • The number at the bottom becomes yellow when less than 10 days left until expiration date and red when less than 5 days left.
  • When less than 3 days you will see a small information message with reminder to extend.

  • The pricing needed to be done in order to maintain the project. It was suggested by a lot of users. I just can't work for free already since I need to make a living out of something. The funds will also be used to maintain servers, buy new internal updates, hiring new people. I will have more motivation, will try to work more, make the fixes, improvements and new features faster.

Some notes of new version:
  • Websites with upgraded SSL will only work from new version. Some already doesn't work old version and there will be more in the future probably.
  • There are a lot of new features and improvements (more will come in future updates as well).
  • There are also a lot of other important bug fixes which are mentioned in the change log.
  • New ReCaptcha (where you need to press to make a tick) will only work from new version with auto-captcha services.
  • I had the chance to test more DeathByCaptcha service and I can recommend them as well now (along with Anti-Captcha) since it seems they work quite good.

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